S.J @ Snooks Steakhouse was a steakhouse within the Westbourne Shopping Centre in Barrhead, Glasgow.

  • Address: 12, Westbourne Centre, Kelburn Street, Barrhead, Glasgow G78 1LR
  • Menu: snookssteakhouse.com
  • Phone: 0141 876 0229

The steakhouse is no longer operating after closing its doors in 2018, following 26 years of operation. The restaurant had opened in 1992 and was something of a local fixture.

The ownership said the closure was owing to an increase in operational costs, and specifically a sharp increase in their rents.

In this website, in future, you’ll be able to discover places to eat and relax in the area which are still operating.

In the meantime, please leave a comment below if you have happy memories of Snooks and SJ @ Snooks (the name given when the business was taken over around 10 years ago from the original ownership).

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